Faithfulness; How Romantic!

Everybody loves, but for so many; love becomes about the romanticizing. On the surface the love looks really nice, and can even say all the right things. But the love still not secure, anchored by faithfulness. People have asked me the question; “Are You The Romantic Type?” To me the question, is never a simple yes, or no. I’m a firm believer, that most hearts focus on the fall in; but forget to tell their heart the reason, to stay in. Don’t get me wrong, romance should be a part of the love experience. My heart has been known, to show romantic tendencies. In layman terms, I know what the word romantic means. But I’ve never strived to be a type… cast as anything; but faithful, in every sense of the word!

We all have the good, the bad, and at times the ugly. If people see you as a romantic, that’s okay. To me romantic, is more of a feel good word. Gestures with good intensions, but for so many hearts. It becomes more about the things you do, and from time to time; how the feeling moves the heart. The problem with that, moments like this; tends to fade in and out… of the consciousness. What should move, is not what just matters to the heart; but what can endow the soul. Why I don’t seek after romantic moment, but try my best to make the love… faithful. To me, romance is knowing how to love faithfully… day after day. The heart should definitely want, but the soul should forever pursue a need. To be faithful in love, for life; forever should be the true romance!

What can ever be more romantic, than knowing the love is forever? What can truly be a deeper love, than giving your heart to someone… forever? What can ever be more of a selfless act, than a love willing to lay down its life; so the another can live? So, as for me and my heart and soul. I’m going to gaze upon the brightest star, let the love twinkle endlessly in my heart. Watch it shimmer beautifully within my soul, and bask forever… within the stunning afterglow. When a heart loves faithfully, true love will forever be the romance. A heart that shows up, a love that shows forth; a faithful love. What the Fathers love, has instilled with my soul. A heart should never desire romance for a day, but faithful love… for a lifetime. Faithfulness, how truly Romantic!


20 thoughts on “Faithfulness; How Romantic!

  1. “What can ever be more romantic, than knowing the love is forever? What can truly be a deeper love, than giving your heart to someone… forever?”…….there is nothing more romantic then working hard to create a lasting marriage that glorifies God. great post.

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  2. Amen to faithfulness. I think many look to romance in the worldly sense and when that cannot be kept up on a daily basis, they think they have fallen out of love. Love truly is showed by our actions and not just by feeling that come and go.

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