The Mirror!

A reflection, sometimes it’s a need to just reflect; to look deep within. What can be seen, may not always tell the story. They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But tell me this, why do we tend to only look upon a reflection; thinking we know the whole story? A thousand reflections, can convey pieces of a picture. But the essence is still in what you see, as your true worth. A one sided reflection, is still a mirror made of glass. Paint your own picture, but let it be a true reflection… of the image of love. Flaws doesn’t mean, not a masterpiece. Broken doesn’t mean, not still a mirror. Seeing can sometimes be deceiving, if believing isn’t always part of the seeing!

Without a true reflection, of what you’re looking for? A mirror will only show the outer, never what’s deep down inside; where the truth unfolds. Seeing clearly, isn’t just recognizing what’s revealed; but also seeing what needs to change… within? If the lens within a soul is unclear, and the heart is still going through a phase; the image is just a haze. A mirror reveals, but it’s the heart that’s revealing; who you truly are… inside. So many hearts think it’s all about the light, but the question is this; what light do you reflect? Object in a mirror, are closer than they appear. So we constantly need to check our blind spots, not just what looks good… to our own perspective!

For change to be clear, to be truly noticeable? You need not rather to believe your eyes, but truly trust your heart. The glass half empty approach, is just a watered down version… of the truth. Not a true heart reflection, a heart with a substantive outlook… to life. So many outlooks have a distinct reflection within the mind, but doesn’t reflect the true nature of the heart and soul. A mirror is just for show, the here and now; never the future version of yourself. Plan for the future, but life is lived… one day at a time. Reflect, but know the vision; can sometimes have a slight glare. Making it hard to notice, a crack along the surface… of the heart!

We can use a mirror as a looking glass, but you still have to love what you see? We tend to have confidence, trusting what our eyes can see. But are you truly confident, you can always see the best in you? What should always be on display, the true reflection of a heart. Mirrors are wonderful, they can show so much; but won’t show everything. We have to know how to consolidate; the image you see, and who you are… inside. Two reflections becoming one; the reflective, with the reality. We first have to move past the seen, to know to be moved by the unseen. It’s not just a look on… the surface, but a look within. To check what is the true lasting reflection, within your heart!


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