The Rare Bird!

This is a story, about what you can call; the rare bird. Some have asked the question, why doesn’t things seem to bother; what is a torment for even birds of prey? Maybe because most hearts know how to go through a phase, but never a shifting. A heart needs the right perspective, to rise above. Many have tried, to figure out this bird. For when others are pulling out their feathers, trying to solve the dilemma of the mind. This bird knows, a true resolve to what confines; always a heart matter. Beauty for ashes, how a heart knows it has wings to soar… above circumstances. A heart free, to transcend what a soul needs… to take flight. When the heart truly has a song, when the soul know each verse of a love song; is a heart free to sing… like a bird. Stress therefore becomes but a word, fear of the unknown never a concern; every breath becomes the freedom song!

This is not about being extinct, not about having a good instinct; but being truly distinct, “set apart.” Don’t get me wrong, life is far from being a heart perched up on a hill. This bird has had anger issues, but always few and far between. Even when small minded hearts are chirping, this rare bird still has a song; Amazing Grace. Even when some days were a broken wing, every day was a Rise up; and raise a hallelujah. A heart no longer isolated, to the feeling of unwonted. Soaring to higher heights, on the wings of love. Unfamiliar wasn’t a deterrent, fear never an obstacle. When freedom truly knows no bounds, chains fall. None of this is remarkable, but can be seen as out of the ordinary. Being free is never just singular, when the wind beneath your wings… is a love Extraordinary!

Having the strength to overcome, is not rare. Knowing how not to rely on just your own strength, is what gives you the true power to overcome… what may. So many know how to touch, but struggle to know what it is to feel. We can have great sight, but can we truly see… that it’s not always about comprehension; you have to first believe. Up, up, in the sky; it’s a bird. Down on the earth, the focus needs to be hearts grounded; souls, knowing what it takes to soar. No super powers needed, just a change within the belief system. A heart doesn’t have to go out of its way, to seem impressive. Just demonstrate that the matter of flight, is settled within your own heart. To stand out, means a resolve within; a love impressed deeply. Teaching the heart how to open wide, stretch the imagination. For a heart to truly know Fearless, and Attainable; the soul has to first be… Free!


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