A whisper within the dark, a love whispering underneath my breath; Your love is an ocean. My soul is not shipwrecked, my heart is not bankrupt; just drowning, trying to fathom the depth of Your love. Take my heart deeper, take my every breath. Through Your love, show my soul how to truly breathe. S.O.S, I know Your love will rescue me. I Surrender my soul, Over to the Safety of Your love. My heart is not in distress, Your love puts my soul at rest. Going deeper in, helps my heart overcome the test… stress. A heart needs to always go deeper; not to meet a fate, but to prove the faith. Your love is relentless, will never stop searching… my heart; to save me, from myself. Hover over my soul, Your love will never fail… to rescue me. Deploy Your love, but not until my love; becomes fully submerged… within Your heart!

When the rain down my face, turns into a tidal wave. I don’t fear being overwhelmed, by the eMotion. Your heart came with a life preserver, and Your love is what saved me. Your love Rescued my soul, not to effect change in the mind disposition. Not just to enlist a deeper understanding, but to a enlighten the soul. To how deep it goes, becomes the true meaning. Your love is the endless hope, that steadies the soul. Elevates the heart’s posture, to higher heights. Why I don’t struggle, with who I am. My strength, in who You are… to me. Being rescued, is a heart longing to be forever swept away… by love. When the love overwhelms, over my head becomes the state… of the soul. When the true depth within the drowning, becomes truly profound!

So therefore, why would a single soul? Ever want to keep their hearts from being forever free, when life becomes more than just living? I have not yet attained, but yet the forever gaze… becomes the soul focus. A heart still needing to go deeper. Forever submerged, for the soul to experience a true drowning; in a sea of eMotion. Whenever my heart is in need, Your love is always there… hovering, waiting for a moment to rescue. Why my heart knows Your love is the one thing, able to Rescue my soul. Dive right in, Your love has made such an impact… within my soul. My heart is in need, forever wide open. Forever captivated, my soul forever in need. To not just be saved, by endlessly Rescued… by Your love!


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