Don’t Make Love A Sport!

Why do we tend to fake right, then go left. Trying to avoid an encounter, with matters of the heart. Trying to be a baller, when you just need to be the man… you’re needed to be. Just relying on the high, but then it’s the love… fade away; no follow through. Love is not a game, the heart not something to be played with. Love is a gift to treasure, cherished, adored. Embraced, held real close; if you truly want to win a heart. Love should never be gambled away, betting that the love will always be there. Relying on lady luck, or too hot to lose. You may have the best poker face, but can you read when the time has come… to go all in? Don’t let it be a guessing game, or just trying to read facial expressions. It should always be the moment, you made the commitment; to put all your heart on the table!

Hearts are often broken, the moment such a precious gift. Is put on a shelf like a trophy, then forgotten by the heart. Just there to be shown off, as your most prized accomplishment. A love in plain sight, but lacking so much attention… to what is in the details. You see, I know this. For I have dropped the ball, fumbled; struck out a few too many times. Missed a wide open opportunity, to catch a heart in need. You can think you’ve scored a touchdown in love, but still have a flag on the play. Only to repeat, what you believed to be the right move. The love needs to touch… deep down within the heart. Just like when it was a knee down, and the love within the heart… not just emotions. Come correct, show what your heart is working with!

Yes, sometimes it can feel, like the goal post keeps moving. Don’t lose hope, keep making the attempt; be in it, to win at it. It’s not about making all the right decisions, but that you continue to be faithful… even in the little things. Eventually there will be a shift, a true coming together… between heart and soul. If you truly want love, to be forever in love? Turn off the shot clock, it’s not about who gets in the best shots. Throw away the score card, it’s not about how many rounds you can endure. Don’t let it be a love T.K.O. Fight for forever and always. Forget about the highlight reel, but keeping it real. Don’t make it be about hang… in time, or about a love of the games. The only question you need to ask yourself. Do you want to retire… each night next to someone special, or about letting a devastating injury; be two broken… hearts? Don’t Make Love a Sport, but a matter of the heart. Winning in love should truly everything, it was meant to be!


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