Fun Friday; The Logical Approach!

Reasoning, heart trying to be moved… by sound logic. Two hearts in love, trying to reconcile the differences. A two sided discussion, between two hearts squared. Even minded, but yet minus the needed cohesiveness; should always equal a reasonable outcome. Even as the years goes by, one resolve needs to be… in the form of a firm commitment. So therefore, for two equal but opposite factors. To show a positive reaction, it should be expressed… in the form of a question; will the love be a lifetime expression? The heart has much complexity, and even if the equation is two hearts at odds? A disconnect, should at some point be a reconnect. Two hearts connected, by a bond beyond comprehension. There are always problems to solve, but should always be figured out together!

So therefore, if Venus revolves on one axis, and Mars on an entirely different rotation. What becomes the common denominator, to solve the differences; that will make the dilemma become just one… heartbeat? Even if the stars don’t align, the math still works. Plus nothing, minus nothing; how the heart was formulated, by The Creator. The unreasoned deduction, based on the shorthand technique, can evolve into the shot-tempered… approach. The coming together, is always the answer. When beautiful minds, are not fixated on the problem, but the resolve. Not allowing the heart, time to solve the discrepancies. Extrapolate what is the best approach? A step back, and the reflect back; on the wonderful years. Not quick to dismiss sensible thinking, and replace it with a rash unfounded reasoning. Staying in love, should never be based on statistics, existing trends. That says the process is flawed, but doesn’t take into consideration. That every relationship has flaws, and hearts are not perfect!

Never base the answer on assumptions, or a populous group think. It’s not about graphs, or a certain range of answer (s); but the appropriate answer. The love CAN be reconciled, if also taken with a logical approach. Logic plays a pivotal role, when trying to solve a problem. But true love the crucial element, for two hearts to thrive. Remember to apply strict principles, then you will be in the right frame of heart. To evaluate the entire situation, with a sound logistical deduction. Don’t rely on a systematic approach, but a specific course of action. Within a certain line of reasoning, but not just a symbolic interpretation. Adding the sum is never easy, if the love is still just a fraction… of what it should be. For some, it’s to the power of; but the truth based on a hypothesis. The logic, still missing one key factor. The heart, of the some… one you’re with; what solves any conundrum. I am an analytical thinker, but yet I also know to refer; to the original blueprint, based on a sound doctrine. “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance!”

The mind, can never truly define; the matters of the heart. The true answer can enlighten the mind, but yet can still blind the heart. Why the response should always be wise, but with a clear interpretation. It may not always make sense, but needs to be characterized; through the framework of truth. Impartial to outside influences, never limited by… a one sided viewpoint. So that the breadth, can become the true depth; through an intelligent analysis. When the answer to any question, is deeply conceived; between heart and soul. Don’t let trying to solve heart matters, be a trigonometry moment. One simple problem that can be easily solved, gets triggered by a negative reaction. A question posed, becomes a mathematical dilemma. Two sides to the argument, two different angles involved. One wants to triangulate both sides, the other believes adding in the emotion factor… is a relevant function. One simple problem, reverts back to the original problem. Two hearts divided, without knowing an easy resolution. Matters of the heart are complex, and even though I like to have fun with words, and humorous expressions. Even though I use different way to convey the love factor, there’s always a serious component. And make sure, they’re also based on; The Logical Approach!


7 thoughts on “Fun Friday; The Logical Approach!

  1. I try to keep myself behaving from my heart and less of my head. It’s more genuine and personal for me. I hide myself in my intellect at times because I feel like that’s a less vulnerable space to reveal from. In essence I want to engage fully by and from my heart❤
    Great post and articulated view, thank you!

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