A Lifetime!

Sweet love, the first time I looked into your eyes. My heart noticed, how truly special you are. I wasn’t sure about much, but in you… I saw forever. What I had to learn, how to love for a lifetime. Each lesson, one day at a time. For thirty four years, and with every single stumble. Not for a second, not for even a minute. Has my heart taken an eye off the prize, giving you my heart, and a lifetime of love. For my life span, for my entire existence; that will forever be the commit. For me this is the love of a lifetime, two hearts predestined to demonstrate love… forever. Not a perfect love, that’s how fools rush in. This love was never meant to be perfect, just forever, and a day. My heart saw it clearly, my soul heard it loudly. I knew it instantly, in you I knew it was forever. Your love has always been at home, nestled securely up against my heart; bone meets flesh. What’s the meaning of forever, if the love pledged; doesn’t transcend a thousand lifetimes?

My heart was saving forever, for you. From the moment, your love occupied the vacancy; left in my heart. I knew it was forever, a lifetime to encounter the true meaning of love. I can explain love, but some parts unexplainable. I can speak about love, but sometimes still can’t find the words. Looks like I’m going to need a lifetime, to explain this deep river love. Within a deep river, hearts get swept away. My heart took the plunge, but again and again; the taken in… a deep dive. Searching the deeper parts of love, until the deepest places are found. I have attained much, but yet still trying to understand breadth. Some days, it was just swimming; now drowning, not even a concern. A lifetime exploration, a journey into finding… forever. Seeing the beauty, knowing true depth. Within a love too deep, to call just a river!


16 thoughts on “A Lifetime!

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