The Unprecedented Chill!

The fall is over, but yet there’s; an unprecedented chill… in the air. The days are a little darker, but therein; a radiant light still shines. It’s a time, when the expectation; is the spring forward. But, the time has brought; an unprecedented chill. Hearts expecting a welcomed bloom, but instead; forced to shelter indoors. Trying to ride out the storm, evade the darkness lurking… behind the shadows. Frustration, wants to tell each sudden gust, chill out. But then, a suddenly. On a calm, warm gentle breeze. A whisper is heard, underneath every breath. Peace, heart be still; this is just a season. “The days are fully known, you… deeply loved. Change is inevitable, but this too shall pass.” Yes, even in these chilling days. Let what overwhelms the heart, knowing the length, the height, the depth; the breadth of God’s love. In the midst, of what seems the darkest days. His love is Unequaled, Unparalleled, Unmatched; Undisputed. Even though the coldness, gives off such a harsh feeling; stand your ground. Undistracted devotion, what won’t let it be; just another mind, easily blown away. Hope found, how true breadth is understood. It’s in the knowing, how fear starts to recede. The extraordinary light of God’s love, will never be eclipsed; by any amount of darkness!

I can write about a lot of things, and even though; the temptation is to speak my mind. I have to be intentional, this is about the heart. I have to let my heart, continue to be faithful. Let the love within overflow, and pour out. Don’t allow the flesh, to become the story. Let His love still be the ink, my heart just the pen. So many, are still living in the past. Still living a wilderness experience, even though the Fall… is over! Grace transcends, unprecedented. The chill, but for a time. This is the season, to embrace the Reign. Yes, an overwhelming chill, lingers in the air; but, put it into perspective. Over the surface of the deep, a love still hovers. Soon, and very soon; God’s going to straighten it out. Until then, let the love be at home; nestled up against a restful soul. Even though the darkness, makes it a bit hard to see. The season has changed, it is finished. Each season, seen through every Revaluation and Truth. Even in the unprecedented, even in the uncertainty. Even now, God is… moving!


14 thoughts on “The Unprecedented Chill!

  1. “Until then, let the love be at home; nestled up against a restful soul. “…….such a beautiful reminder on how we need to behave……….deeply those we are blessed to be with.

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  2. I was drawn to this title. Even though the season is past there still remaim an unprecedented chill. This chill is more than just the weather it is like a fearful anticipation. I am sure you understand what I mean. But as you said God is in control we just have to trust Him to make this season past. Thank you and blessings.

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    1. You got the essence of the piece. We’re going through a un-forecasted season. But there’s still an overwhelming warmth and peace. For every heart, wrapped up within the blanket of His love! Happy Mother’s Day, God bless!


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