Why are so many content, letting others put their heart in a tiny little box? Just because they believe, they know which one is the best fit? As for me, and my heart; it will forever be a proverbial square peg. Squarely focused, on not being a heart; that can fit into any random box. Many have tried, to compartmentalize my heart. Not knowing my heart had learned the art, how to departmentalized fickle feelings. You can’t box in a heart predestined, not to fit into just any mold. When others, try to put your heart into a certain group. So many are try to fit in, but you have to be intentional; for your heart to stand out. Even a cute looking tag, is just another label; choose to never let it stick. I’ve lived through being stereotyped, as so and so. Branded, as being such and such. Even at a young age, my heart knew enough to know. They were just boxes, that an odd shaped heart; would never be able to fit into!

My heart was grounded enough to know, how to think outside of the box. Music became a solace, a song in the night; a melody within my heart. Limited thinking being drown out, through a little boom box. So many have tried, to see through a led based heart. A heart being led to not follow anyone, without the true power to save. A box will always be transparent, when a heart wide open. Knows how to see, through a different lens. We can have desires, passions, hopes, and dreams. But, are they rooted deeply, ventilated through a substantive truth. So they don’t become, a box shelved so long; dry rot becomes the expiration date. Many have called, my kind of thinking square. What Ever… box they try to put me in; didn’t matter. I’m not moved by what others will, or the powers that be. It’s not about will power, but where I get my strength!

Most glove boxes, are packed with things. A wallet, flashlight, insurance, registration, pen, wipes; essentials a vehicle should have. When others come, try to put your heart in a box. Be equipped with the deeper things, the true essentials. Know what’s in your heart, therein lies the truth; your identity? Don’t be scared, to shine your light; when the darkness surrounds. Show that you have, the only insurance policy need. Your soul registration, forever in the book of life. Written down, underlined in red. Even though, we’re living in unprecedented times. One thing is certain, don’t allow your heart; to get boxed in… to a corner. Free your heart, from a one size fills all. Be encouraged to know, you’re more than any label. There are so many dimensions to a heart, don’t be defined; by what how others see you. Let your heart be transform, through a renewed perspective!


16 thoughts on “Boxes!

  1. “Know what’s in your heart, therein lies the truth; your identity? Don’t be scared, to shine your light; when the darkness surrounds. ” thank you……this gave me a lot to think about.

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    1. It’s a way to keep from getting hurt, but it’s a way to keep a heart from knowing its true worth. Every heart, is made with its own beauty. My hope, that hearts will come to know; how much their truly meant to shine!

      Blessings, appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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