The Compass!

You must think, our hearts are foolish? To keep finding ourselves lost, so many times? Following our own ill-advised path, has led us to this place; wayward. Hearts so far off course, but of course; you have to be open, to be able to truly see. Confusion says, a heart will always have a lack of understanding… in the darkness. Without first knowing the light, is what illuminates an uncertain path. Even a degree of separation, will never get a heart face to face, with the true destination. The days are like sands, of which time can never stop… from slipping away. To leave a lasting footprint, follow the blueprint. You have to stretch out our faith, to know where true hope is found. My words are truly at a loss, to capture the breadth and scope. Why we profoundly need to fix, a broken moral compass. May true love, permanently take us by the heart. The true Compass, how a heart finds Forever!

How can we be so lost, when the way has been made so clear? Hearts tethered to Grace, mercy forever leading the way? You’re not surprised, how we ended up in this place. Your love knows exactly why, we needed a savior. Even in an unprecedented moment, Your love is still the brightest lighthouse. In, and on the horizon; it will forever be, our beacon of truth. If our hearts are truly open to see, it’s our only hope. Even if we don’t see it, even if a heart doesn’t believe it; Your love is a compass. It’s guiding our hearts, helping us to navigate the pitfalls. Giving us glimpses of hope, within the darkness. Hearts may believe, they just need to rely on a G.P.S. But, what they leave out, of that flawed equation? God. is Positioning. the Sensor. His heart is the instrument, with such a magnetic love. His love the true northern star, that will never steer hearts in the wrong direction. Your love has set the parameters, how to find forever. The scope of Your love, breathtakingly has no limits. Unfathomable, but knowable. What will bring us back to Your heart, Your love; The Compass!


22 thoughts on “The Compass!

  1. This Open my heart once more !! Bravo, A Delight ! This verse has a particularly special meaning to me. This year, while I lay at home with Covid. My Best Friend of 30 years died , and I couldn’t be there. Someone had posted this verse on FB that day, and It grabbed me. THIS is where my sweet sister friend has gone, and this is how she went. Maybe it only makes sense to me. But it brought me comfort in the deep well of my grief. I would love to know how I could buy an 8×10 (or larger) print of this photo with the verse on it. ~ Blessings fellow Sojourners.

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    1. Sorry to hear about you, and your friend!! You don’t need to buy, save the picture, and have it printed! Let me leave you with this.

      When the storms come, hope found, a heart never lost. Within trying times, faith becomes the true compass. In every season, may hope, and faith bring your heart to the place, called peace… within!


      1. Wonderful !! Blessings to you and yours Warren !! Yes, Faith and Hope are Everything ! I leave you with this : “Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed!” Psalm 85:10

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