Heart Talk; All I Need!

What is, All I need? Breathing, grateful every day my heart gets to breathe. As wonderful as that is, it’s not all my heart needs; to know that true living, not within every breath. Seeing, such a precious gift. But, what’s truly in having sight? If when the darkness surrounds, my heart still can’t see? If a heart is blinded to the truth, a 20/20 vision; will never help it to see, what it truly needs? Hearing, helps my heart to be moved; by a heartfelt picture, through the sound of music. And even though every day, music helps to soothe my soul. My heart still knows, it’s not all I need. A deep embrace can do so much, but that much to do nothing. If deeply moved is not a part, of what your heart can truly embrace? I have a name, but my name is not what I can truly rely on. But, my heart knows a name; that’s wields true power. Help to navigate the battlefield, to conquer a giant… struggle; trying to get a hold, of my victory!

Money, will help pay the bills; buy some stuff. This one thing I have come to know, my heart will never find true wealth therein. I see it as just a want, not what my heart will need. What will money do for my heart, how can it teach my soul true contentment? Something that can be stolen, truly meaningless. Something so profound, that will last forever… truly priceless. Yes, my heart has truly been blessed; to have a family my soul can hold dear. But the plain and simple truth, that’s not what I can call; my everything. I can say; “I think I can,” ten thousand times. The power of positive thinking, a wonderful step in the right direction. But, that’s not all a heart needs to know. For a soul to be positively changed, to know why you truly can… do all things.

A million hearts can tell me it’s absolutely foolish, to believe in crazy love. That you should never, let any love control your heart. But, knowing the truth that lies therein; gives the freedom to trust. Power is not in what you get to control, but how it can truly free your heart. It’s not about being hopeless, but knowing true devotion. Where can a heart truly hide, when love can see into my soul? Why, your heart needs to push back on what others say. Push past the barriers, to not get get tripped up, by what others call an obstacle. I have friends, but that’s not the best part of waking up. I have a friend, closer than a brother. What my heart has needed to know, I AM… loved. If a heart could know how to love, just a fraction of that kind of love? A heart would truly realize, what good does it truly do a soul. To declare undying love, if the heart doesn’t yet know changed, by Amazing Love? This, just a Heart Talk to say; All I need, You… Lord!


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