Knowing, Lost!

Where would I be, how would my heart ever know love? How could my soul truly know, there would ever be a forever; if not for You? Lost! What would have become of my heart. I would easily be lost, within such a vast forest, if not for one tree; Life. You can’t know where it starts, without first knowing to what your heart is rooted? Que sera, sera; “whatever will be, will be.” But for me, that will never ever do. Don’t want to be a heart, like a ship lost within the darkness. In the Here, and the Now; where you find a heart connection; for there to be two souls forever connected. Thank You, for knowing me, for wanting me; for loving on my heart. When no one else cared, You’ve always been there. Within my silent river, You were the calm; as my soul slipped deeper in an endless drowning. You know my name, You know my heart; at hello, You surely had my soul. Why, I don’t wince. When the day creeps up, trying to scare me with the unknown. Your presence hovers, underneath every breath. Your love, what became the air, for a heart learning how to truly breathe. A soul beginning to know, I’m living through You. Your heart, what my soul gets to feast on. Your love, it’s my daily bread. What’s a heart to do, when being lost; is such a good place to be? What can a man say, when he knows lost; is heard as a song in the night. Even when, an illness came to blindside my heart. My faith in You, where my hope is always found. A heart never lost, never alone in the midst, of whatever I face. I get lost, trying to find words. Here I am, Now; Forever. In a place, where my heart is still Knowing, Lost… without You!


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