Song Inspired; Run to You!

Much, that others don’t see; I know, You see it all. The good, the bad; the ugly within my own heart. But, whenever I run to You; Your love always takes the time, to listen to my heart. In You, how I find my peace. A place where You would always meet me, the place where searching; meant always finding, my greatest joy. In a silent river, even on a not so sure riverbank. When it was the heart of a scared little boy, it was You; the one that ran to me. Who knew, just You; that I would get to this place, still needing You as my anchor. Your love is always so strong, it held on to my heart; when the nights became a raging sea. A river running into a wide open ocean, an ocean becoming the rising calm. Drowning, never became the problem; breathless, the place my soul needed to get to. Here, still needing You. Now, the need for You more than ever. Forever, knowing that tomorrow; the need will be even greater!

For years, I played the part; someone always in control. But I know now, it first started with the surrender. Giving all of me, the needing to let go. So my heart could find how, to arrive at this predestined place. Whenever I felt alone, You were always there; hovering, over every breath. You held me in your arms, when I needed to be close to your heart; to keep my heart safe from harm. You stayed, not just because I needed You; but because You, never stopped wanting me. Every day, the coming home. Turning up… was the key, to always see Your love waiting; never wanting to leave. There’s nobody, that will ever care as much for me; the same way You do. What’s the true sense, trying hard to find dreams. If not finding You there… in the midst; for every shared moment? I need You Here, to wipe away the tears. I need You Now, to kiss away any lingering fear. I need You Forever, so I can always; Run to You!

What if I held it forever, would my heart still be able to breathe? What if a tidal wave of emotions, made my heart feel so overwhelmed? Would the air in my lungs, be enough to sustain my soul? What if I tried, to gaze forever into your heart? Would a mere glimpse, be the endless shimmer to stop my heart; become a breathless moment? What if, the rhythm of my heart was erratic, would anyone truly be able to tell that it’s Your love; that steadies heartbeat? Tell me, what if; I stopped holding my breath? How would my soul, know how to truly breathe?

This song inspired, was released in 1987, and was part of the bodyguard soundtrack and movie; with Whitney Houston, and Kevin Costner. August 9, would have been her birthday day. From her first album released in the 80’s, you can see that God gave her an incredible gift. But unfortunately, her life is also a perfect example. To show that if we don’t truly guard our heart, we can end up straying down a darkened path. The light of God’s love hovers, but it’s for us to NOT; let the darkness eclipse, the enlightened way!


10 thoughts on “Song Inspired; Run to You!

  1. Beautiful and inspiring, it touched my heart and gave me a feeling of peace and safety. Thank you for being a lighthouse for so many souls! Thank you for shining a light for me, the moment when I need it the most.
    Stay blessed, you are loved beyond words! 🙏🤗

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