My Alabaster!

On to Your heart, my love, let my soul pour it out. Wash Your heart, with every drop the love… inside. I’m not ashamed, to break down. This is how, you raised up my heart… to be. Forever humbled, knowing the true breadth of Your love. I know Your name, but Your heart; what’s been so many decades of my chase. You breathed on me, yes; Your love breathes in me. Breathless, don’t let my heart know anything else. Your heart, still my first love; forever, and a day. Completely I’m Yours, complete; when You made my love Yours. You have my heart, every day; it will be the surrendered. Take my soul, at your heart the forever be; the surrender, of my every breath. I don’t worry, when the day cast my shadows. Your love, always there to fight for me; with Your perfect love. Your love is, the sweet fragrance; the aroma within my incense. The true essence, that emanates from within my Alabaster. Receive it, I want to give it all; my love, poured out only… onto Your heart!

So many, seek wealth; yet never willing to be, a heart on display. Show that Your love is the only thing, of true value. For a soul to forever have, and hold so dear. To be an offering, the true texture of a soul. To be a heart deeply touched, transformed by the purest kind of love. A heart forever translucent, through the light of a crimson love. The love now the outpouring, like water. Changing a once silent river, no longer to be… just bottled up emotions. This love is how I fought what I battled, by not letting anyone else; label what a heart is truly worth. A box, what so many have tried to put my heart. What they failed to see, the hand on my life. A heart being molded, to be a scented Alabaster. A love, to fill every void. Take the place, for whatever was seemed missing. A love affirmed, as my only foundation. Why this story, will never be about a made man; but a heart made, by a love so divine. Here I stand, but this my soul will forever be; grateful. Such an expensive price, for my Alabaster heart. A soul loving the freedom, to be a jar of clay; gracefully broken, at the foot of Your heart!


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