Here, Now; Forever!

In this moment, in every tomorrow; in our forevermore, right Here, where my heart wants to be. In the presence, right next to Your heart. To know the embrace, to know when every breath moves. To feel every time, when the love brushes so gently; up against my soul. Crimson love, what’s in every heartfelt move closer. To know deeply loved, with every captivated gaze. Take my soul back, to the very moment the love for me started. When Love, became this amazing undying word. That’s Now, and Forever; etched within the crevices of my soul. I’m not Here, looking for anything; not Here, trying to reap the endless blessing. To You, heart and soul; what I’m Here to surrender. I just want to give back to You, the love lavished upon my heart. Everything I need, in You I have it all. Your love is everything, my heart will ever need. Right Here, right Now; sit Forever, at the foot of Your heart. Don’t let my heart breathe, Breathless is the place; where I will find Your heart, with more love than I deserve!

My heart, has gone through the motions; desperately trying to reach this place. Where there can be the release, all the pent up emotions. Emotional, the place where my heart can’t evade the love. A soul that can’t help but to tell You; what Your love is truly worth, Everything. Stuff, will never be enough to replace; what my heart has been put on the earth to find. Arriving Here, being close to Your heart. My soul knows it’s You, that can complete my heart. Your love, more than just a touch; deeper than just a passing feeling. I know what Your love can do, I can always find You Here. My heart will press into You, pour out the bottled up emotion. A silent river, what once ran through my heart; but then an overwhelming love, capsized the silence. When the day, comes to beat against my chest. Your love is there, waiting to shield my heart. When the darkness comes, trying to hide Your heart. Knowing Your love is close, how my soul learned to never lose sight; Your love has me by the heart. When the tears fall, overwhelmed becomes the stream; flowing into an ocean, love what bears the name!

Even though the day, races ahead of my heart; trying to become the distraction. Finding You in every moment, the day is eclipsed by what will Forever be. You, Here; for me. Chasing after Your heart, what keeps the day at bay. My heart, has only one affection. Forever devoted, what my soul needs You to know. Here, being in this place; that’s the one and only need. Now, in this very moment; Forever, No other love will do. My heart is not Here, because of obligation. Now, and Forever; it’s my true desire. There’s no living, no breathing… without You. Gracefully, the love has been waiting; faithfully, my heart will always meet You there. Now, that my heart has found the place; where Your love has waiting, for my soul to find. Caught up in Your rapture, a soul deep into the love. This place, where Your love conquers fear; and my joy is in You. This place, where the unknown; is just me knowing You. The place, where I know You’re enough; and my heart is full. I don’t need anything else; nothing else, but You. My heart, will never leave this place; where my soul is saying absolutely nothing. Knowing how to live in the silence, that’s where the love will find… an open heart; for You to have every breath. What words can’t say, speechless; how I bare my soul. Here, Now; Forever!


16 thoughts on “Here, Now; Forever!

  1. Looks like a very peaceful place!
    As you put it so eloquently, “ The place, where I know You’re enough; and my heart is full. I don’t need anything else; nothing else, but You. My heart, will never leave this place;“

    The place where our hearts feel free…

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