The Need!

My heart has had many wants, but a deep search within; revealed what a soul truly needs. Sustaining love, the kind your heart can surrender to. Every bit of your heart, what needs to be given. So in your soul, the love can truly feel real; forever treasured. A love, that you can seek; to know the true breadth. Letting the love be everything, that’s the need. Every day, get to know the depth; a need to do this, again and again. That’s the first step, forever the destiny. Day after day, rekindle a fire within. Be stirred, never shaken; by what other perceive… is love. It’s meant to be intentional, not just a one-time decision; not a game played. Love, meant to be a light, beaming from heart and soul. That’s the need, what needs to be the embrace. A love, that gives truth to your hopes. Peace to your resolve, when your faith in it is tested. When, you know a love so precious. Why, would there ever be a need to go back and forth, within your heart; when the love is unwavering?

When, true love becomes the absolute need; the desire for the truest kind, that becomes the passion. When it no longer becomes a want, but the true need. A love, you will proudly put on display. Show the world, a heart very needy; a soul absolutely desperate, to be needed. When, a heart becomes satisfied; the need, to find out what is still missing. Without a hunger, how would you know being full? Without a desire, how can the pursuit truly be a passion. If your heart, isn’t about to burst; how can your soul truly know, the love is truly filling… you every day? Nothing missing, nothing broken; a love that is truly everything. A heart trying to pen down such a love, with words; the relentless pursuit. Your love, all I want; all I will ever need. Why, I rest my heart, at the foot of Your love. Just so my soul can fall asleep, knowing the warmth of being close… to Your heart. Knowing You, my heart no longer has a want. Through the breadth of Your love, my soul will never have another need. In You I find, what forever is made up of; The Need, for You!


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