Song Inspired; Never Give Up!

Having a vision, seeing through a renewed perspective; what changes how you view your world. Seeing clearly, what broadens the horizon. Feeling trapped, doesn’t have to mean; a heart feeling there’s no where to turn. In every situation, there will always a solution. Don’t, be afraid to dream; keep the dream alive. Don’t be afraid, to face the world. Against all odds, the day can still be victorious; if you truly believe. Even within the darkest night, light comes at the dawn. Even when the rain falls, tears don’t mean you’re losing the fight. A green grass can turn brown, and a frown becomes clouded doubts. But, after a little rain. On the other side of what falls, a soul can again see feeling refreshed. For, the sun will shine again. And the grass beginning to look, so much greener. So, be encouraged; be an encouragement. Keep inspiring, be an inspiration. You never know who needs you, to be profoundly inspired? Why, you never stop believing; Never Give Up!

Eery victory, comes in time; but it’s the moment, that will define your resilience. Work hard today, and there will surely be a change. Tomorrow gets easier, when today is a heart willing to persevere. Who can say, you can’t fly? Who can say, you can’t soar to new heights? The air they breathe, will never give your faith wings. Every step you take, you get closer to your destination. Even when, the day doesn’t make sense. Even when, the season becomes a bit chilling; the day can still, produce an awesome breeze. In all that life makes known, fulfillment is revealed; through a divine purpose. Quiet your soul, steady your heart. You just might hear, a whisper in the wind; heard within the stillness. All you need; courage now, hope later; faith always. Persevere the beauty of life, alive within your heart. The answer, to solving a mystery? Not found in seeing, the completed puzzle. But in the pieces you chose, to pick up and use; to complete the picture you needed to see. The key, to unlocking understanding; found in the source where, true wisdom is discovered. Even if you lose your way, hope is never lost. Sometimes, life has stumbling blocks. Sometimes, barriers are just to test your heart. Deep inside, where true strength is found. So, Never Give Up!

Song Excerpt: Don’t give up, every victory comes in time. Work today, to change tomorrow; it gets easier. Who’s to say, that you can’t fly? Every step you take, you get closer to your destination!”

– This song inspired, is a song released in 2001 by Yolanda Adams. An American gospel singer, record producer, actress, and host of her own nationally syndicated morning gospel show. She has sold nearly 10 million albums worldwide. Hope this was a blessing!


16 thoughts on “Song Inspired; Never Give Up!

  1. Warren, thank you for this post! It really spoke to my heart! I had to go look up the song by Yolanda Adams, and it blessed me as well. I’ve never heard that particular song before. It was so inspirational, as her music always is.
    The pic was great, too. You had a great view overlooking the water. 🙂

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    1. Wonderful to hear it was a blessing! I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a song inspired this month. As I was driving yesterday, I decided to play Yolanda’s playlist. My wife has a lot of medical issues, I was also thinking about the pandemic, and all those who I read about having this or that issue. This song came on, and it clicked; God has a message for me to share! Sometimes, that’s how His moves me, and my heart becomes the pen! God bless!

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      1. Don’t you just love it when those God moments click?! I’ve found when we have these kinds of moments, it’s good to share. Someone else always needs to hear it.

        Will say a prayer for your wife. 🙏🏼

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  2. These words are beautiful and inspiring. “Even when the rain falls, tears don’t mean you’re losing the fight.” This quote touched my heart.
    Do you have a twitter? Each sentence that you wrote in all of your posts is a motivating quote that you can tweet to bless someone.

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      1. I was in 2018, and Had the post linked to Twitter. Will not go into details, but there’s so much going on in my life. Trying to be faithful, with the calling to share, and also not to let social media to monopolize my other priorities. My wife is facing a lot of medical issues, and my schedule only allows me four and a half hours of sleep. WordPress, is not even 15% of my day. Appreciate the suggestions, will think about starting it back up again. God bless!


      2. I am sorry to hear about you wife medical issues. I will keep her in my prayers and you also. I know how difficult it is to find the time. I am not a social media fan either. But you have been doing a great job and I will continue to pray that God will strengthen you and for the healing of your wife. Have a blessed day.

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