In a world so cold, Your love’s such an overwhelming blanket of warmth. Faith in You, the faithful protection. Within Your love, where a soul always finds the perfect peace. Every heart, needs to know the true Comforter. Especially when, the darkest days, brings with it an even bitter cold. Beyond understanding, a soul can know a love so profound. Underneath every breath, a heart can find such unbelievable Joy. A soul at rest, in deep, deep place. A place where, the love has become so embedded. The lingering feeling, moving beneath the surface. Pressing deep against the heart, the love pressed up against the longing soul. The love becoming deeply, with every breathtaking awe. So much love, breathlessness becomes every day, and every night. A heart captivated, within the loving embrace. A soul experiencing, what it truly is to get to know; the true length, width, breadth. The love, and the heart; being knitted together. So many layers of love, so how can a heart truly not… be so overwhelmed? With such a proven friend, and a love so proven; to be such an undeniable Comfort. Through the years, through every moment in time. Being completely within the love, where every soul should forever want to be. To such giving, to know forever covered. To know the truest rest, the most Amazing peace. To know a true awaken, there has to a true enlightenment. A heart and soul going deeper, lost forever in the depth of the heavenly. The Awesome love, found in the Comforter!


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