Before You!

Before You, my heart kept; thoughts so deeply hidden, buried deep within. Shared hopes and dreams, with my own heart. A keeper of secrets, what soul had become. Dear diary, my heart would like; to make another introverted entry. “Another day, with so much for this heart to say; but what that may be, no words will ever be verbalized. Yours truly, a silent river!” But that, was before You. Before the moment, Your love forever became my heart. Laying against Your love, the only time I can truly say; I know forever. A soul at ease, learning what is endless. A heart being poured, not into an insignificant catch basin. But, into the deepest ocean. What can truly contain, the depth of a penned up heart. Not just through the touch, the breadth of the presence felt. A heart moved, not just by the overwhelming love. But, to be a soul coming into the know; why the meaning of love, has a predestination. Before You, I thought; alone in the darkness, meant lack through ambiance. But, even in unbeknownst; darkness has its moments, but light is a forever presence. Life smiles brighter, when love truly shines through. To be, or not to be? A soul content, never to question why; my heart. To be, in love; forever, near Your heart. Not, to be just living for the want; but for the need to be, the truest love. The closer you get, to the state of understanding; the deeper the becoming. But, not before You!


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