My Identity!

Picture this, your true identity; will never be a validated forgery. But, what truly allows your heart, to forge into your destiny. An identity, not defined by just what’s created; but what was carefully formed, through a divine creation. The Creator crafts, but only your heart alone; get to experience the breadth. Only one identity, can truly give a heart full access; into a heavenly bliss. An identity, has a representation; but your heart needs to know, what you truly represent? A true identity, not about your status; or what’s meaninglessly validated. You can identify, with having access to your breath. Only for access denied, a heart truly struggling; just knowing how to simply breathe. An identity, can build character. Pinpointed accuracy, will still mean a life missing the mark. Adjust, and show how far you’ve come; and to What Degree? An identity is about naming, not shaming. Not about a hard to read name tag, or just a fade with time hashtag; but a heart clearly recognized. An identity with a distinct signature, etched upon your soul. So others can always identify, to whom your heart truly belongs? A close similarity, can still mean a heart… unrecognizable. Being of a true likeness, will never be a heart and soul; ever called into question. Your uniqueness, what makes you truly different; what forever sets your heart apart, for an entry gained. Two expressions, relatable showing the same values; will surely be quantified. One, plus One, plus One, plus One. To a wide open heart, the truth will be revealed. For a soul to forever perceive, that the answer equivalents to One, in the same… Identity!


27 thoughts on “My Identity!

  1. We are all Divinely created beings as you so lovingly expressed here. It’s so powerful when we can all understand our love identity and use it for the betterment of our world. All if life is Divinely created, guided, protected and unconditionally loved. We are all held in God’s tremendous grace. What an outstanding post my friend. Many blessings to you always Warren🙏

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  2. I’m thankful that the foundation of our identity is in Jesus. We don’t have to seek to find our value in the things of the world or what people think of us. Thanks Warren, this was so meaningful.

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