The Stringed Instrument!

Meant to be heard, a resounding true instrument. Love, beautifully tugging on every string. To make a heart and soul resonate, gracefully with such an accord. How deep the love, begets how deeply the love strikes a cord. Orchestrated, to be played like a symphony. The mastery, the complexity. The artistry, created to be felt, in its simplicity. Breathtaking, a heart deeply moved. Nothing missing, nothing broken. Not a note missing, not a string broken. A soothing sound, to elevate the breadth. The Masterful creation, the ambiance produced for a tranquil soul. Every finely tuned instrument, requires love as the true balance. Each delicate rendition, love expressed to becomes a loving song; playing throughout the night, and day. The rhythm, the rhyme; such a soulful groove, strummed to the end of time. The harken back, to be forever taken back; a heart being in a place of no lack. A heart and soul in tandem, to show a heart plucked out of absurdity; an act of kindness, not meant to be random. A soul fashioned to be, divinely seated in a place; to command true authority. A heart knowing, what made from, and why for greatness. A steadied heart, will feel what a soul truly needs. For the love to be, the taking of every breath. A soul knowing, how deeply moved; becomes a heart forever transformed, with no strings attached!

Breathlessly a heart, and the rhythm with no end. The deeper the breadth, the more in tune a heart truly becomes. It’s not about clearing the throat, with a silly sounding classics, like; “me me me ME me me me…..” Instead, let it be an open heart. Forever playing classical piece, about Love; all about you you you You you you you…..”. So, tune your heart, to be timeless heard. Likened to a breathlessly moving violin, producing such a peaceful sound. The heart becoming, a deeply moving love song. A soul singing true, with an angelic sound. The pitch, make the breadth of my heart, the truest rendition. Seen as the finished… playing around, heart condition. Tug on my heart, make the strings completely Yours. A soul, doesn’t have to know how to orchestrate. It’s about, a heart willing to forever be; the Stringed Instrument. Not afraid of the spotlight, or being greatly used!


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