Discovering, Every Breadth!

Some days, breathing is not always easy; but every breath necessary. Growth, can never be a soul in a place; where true contentment becomes found. Without first a heart, knowing what begets true breadth. We breathe in, we breathe out. A heart, sometimes never stopping to truly explore. What becomes, of every waiting to exhale breath. Every day, has to be a true discovery. And within every moment, therein lies the rediscovering. A heart has no time, trying to keep score. When time is called, for there to be a bold explore of life. Love, not meant to be an endless trek, through the stars. Trying to find, a breathless cluster. Love, the gaze into finding forever; through an ecliptic experience. A soul can never fathom depth, without the desire first being; a deeper search of the heart. My heart, has been many places. But, this my soul that has come to truly realize. For it to be forever in love, a soul has to be willing to experience; what’s in, just a breadth? To let it become, the ravishing beauty within… the deepest reign. It’s not just about, what becomes each exploration. But what becomes the substance, in every new discovery?

A true exploration, letting the love take. A heart through what true lens, the soul begins to know enlightened. A heart will never truly attain, without therein being great gain. A heart unashamed, to say why; the belief in a true destiny. A soul chosen for understanding, to breadth and scope, in discovering the true breadth? Love is a journey, there within a story to discover. Two breaths taken, but exhaled through one heartbeat. Life, begins with a breath. But for the unrestrained, each rediscovered breadth. Reveals what lies within, every breadth becoming… seen. All what the want is to become, what the need truly became. Forever, has a destination. The closer a heart gets, the endless desire becomes; what lies in every rediscovered encounter. My first breath began, found within the breadth of love. The long and lovingly pursued courtship, to be lost within the rediscovering. My soul has come to discover, I have not fully attained. But this I know, my heart will press towards the mark. For every rediscovered breadth, becomes a soul rediscovering breathlessly taken. With every discovery, a soul can try; but cannot surely deny it; when the heart blatantly, gives the truth away!

A true adventure, not just in what’s found. But what, the heart can endlessly rediscover. It’s in a breadth, but yet a breadth cannot even compare. What becomes the ten thousandth reasons, to keep rediscovering; what becomes the depth? Rediscovering, flaws and all. Still a predestined soul, wonderfully made. There’s no, wanting to know the heart. Without there truly being, needing to discover the breadth to the love… therein. The breadth of love, captivator of the searching heart. Everything, my heart has faced; will never get my soul, to hold on to what’s meaningless. A heart dangling from a vine, because of what was bitterly tasted. Rediscovering, to know how Divine; love was meant to be, till the end of time. True breath begins, when a soul is forever at rest. A soul laid fully back, up against the heart of love. Deeply overwhelmed, by every rediscovered breadth!


6 thoughts on “Discovering, Every Breadth!

  1. My sister-in-law received the fulness of that eternal rest this morning when the Lord took her home. There she knows the fulness of his love. Beautiful post. And I am thankful we don’t have to wait to rest against his heart of love.

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