Love, You Illuminate!

Love, you illuminate. You give light, to my every breath. Casting light, dispelling every doubt. Leaving, not even a single shadow. That the sands of time, can fade away, to just an afterglow. What, wasn’t my brightest, just a moment… in time. In my soul, your light can never be eclipsed. The darkness can’t hide, what my heart, won’t let be erased. Whenever, it seems I have nothing else to give. My heart, will recklessly abandons to you, my last breath. With just a glimpse, every breathless encounter; into you I glean. My heart, doesn’t have to flip a switch; making it just another lightbulb moment. Every illumination, radiates with such a steady glow. Showing how love, can resonate so profoundly. You’re the light, that brightens my countenance. Forever revealing, how endlessly love can glisten. With such strength, and beauty. How, can a heart ever miss, not wanting to shine like this. Love, it’s you, not me. Into my soul you see, how breathlessly love whispers. You’re the light, that makes my heart, better than it was, more than it is… without. Your light, it’s so strong. All my heart will ever need, to conquer every fear. When the days are dark, You illuminate the way; every breath you sway. Telling my heart, get ready to shine!

You, illuminated my worth, facilitated my birth. The picture, of a crimson sky. Out of the darkness, into an enlightenment. Growing up, I thought; you disowned me. But now, my horizon has grown; I can see in love forever. Forgive me, for the times I blushed. Leaving you crushed, liking just the fleeting rush. Without love, a heart will fade, into a darkened place. You, and you alone. The shining light, showing a heart… wide open, a soul not hidden. Every chain, is broken. Now, you’re the only thing; my heart is tethered to. Love, how do you do it; take my every breath? Even when, my soul hasn’t yet exhaled? How, can a soul ever hide… the love? In life, and depth; I’m enlightened. A new breath in the taking, becomes a deeper breadth with no faking. Love’s like a blessing, that’s always there. In the struggles, in the wrestling; in walking, through every valley. You, illuminate!

Why, should a heart travel the back roads. Love illuminates, the highway to heaven. The light, that doesn’t say a word. It just, dances with the soul; breathtaking the melody. This, my heart must concede. The Illuminating light of love, permeates my depth. In the journey, in every season. In the stillness, love being to speak, through the silence. In the sun, the moon, the stars, in me. Love, showed through a soul beaming. Expressions of light, through every illustration. The nuance of love, in an artistic light. Seeping through, the canvas of my heart. A guiding light, illuminating the path, that sheppard’s the heart. The ray of sunshine, that walks with you. When, the darkness throws shade. You flood my heart, with light. Every day, when the soul rises, let the roots go deep. By design, love enhances every experience, enriched becomes the encounter. A deepened love, peace like a river. Love, in this piece. My soul, is at your feet. Laying against your breadth, basking in the light. To share my heart, for you are my heartbeat. Love, You Illuminate… my heart, my soul, like this!


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