The Sponge!

Why shouldn’t my heart, become a sponge? When, it comes to matters of the heart? Why shouldn’t my soul, let the love soak deeply in? Soak up, love into the deep places? All, that my soul can absorb. To know substantive, is to have the true understanding. That your heart, can’t truly be content, leaning on love. If your soul, can’t also find rest, in the essence. That makes, there be a noticeable change. A heart and soul, drench through and through. Love, wins the heart; will forever capture the imagination. That pads the soul, insulates from the immaterial. The heart becomes bathed, in the love. The soul washed, by the beauty. Depth, widens breadth; that deepens the experience. Not what dissipates, with a fleeting emotion. To be, or not to be. Only a question, without a momentous choice. A heart soaked, by the submergence. For the love to permeate, the soul needs to be immersed. A heart, likened as Sponge. Soaking up, the deepest love. The soul, bobbing within the ocean. Drowning in the water, living in the bliss!


7 thoughts on “The Sponge!

  1. I love this message and the image. I must blog this subject in my own words and hope it is okay to use the image. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day/night and remain safe.

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