Be At Home!

Home, where the heart is… loved the most. On my door, my heart; your name, etched deep within the crevices. Your love, has never been alarmed. By what, lies in a silent insecurity. The systematic heartbeats, the love concealed; beneath every breath. My brick house, to you a facade. My walls, just clay. Molded, by the strength of your love. A love keen, into me, you see. To make a glass house pristine, no brokenness seen. Your love, the key. That made in me, a heart thrown wide open; into open arms. My heart, invited you in. To have your love stay, with me… forever. Your love, will always be welcomed here; heart and soul. My air, conditioned on my heart knowing. Your love, makes my soul exhale. You, have yet to judge me, by my mess… ed up attitude. When therein, lies served up platitude. Food for thought, my heart gets full, by all the gracious love. Tender, and so profoundly. Your love, swept my heart away. I don’t, want to seem so laid back. But my heart can’t help, leaning on your love. Where I find my peace, nestled up against your heart. My love, will find ways to touch you. I know, I can always trust you, to have my back. To be, or not to be, will never a question. In the night, love, you illuminate. The light, that never cast any doubts. Just a soul, forever enlightened. To know, when I lay my soul down. Your love, waits in the shadows. To whisper a lullaby, with a sweet melody. A love song, playing throughout my soul, and echo in the daydreams. At the end of my days, my heart, comes out of the coldness. Swayed by the love, held by the warmth; found trembling within the embrace. There’s a fire within, placed there by your love. Left blazing, burning beautifully, in my soul. In the ashes, my wings were found. A soul, free to soar higher. When time, strikes another heartstring. For the love, will meet me here again, so it can; Be at Home!


4 thoughts on “Be At Home!

  1. Home is indeed where the heart is alive ❤ Beinh in the comfort of the heart is where my home is. May we all feel the eternal love in our hearts always. Blessings to you Warren 🙏

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