Cascading Love!

The breadth, what unravels your heart. Unveils a soul, distracted by the cascading love. A song, steeply cascades, with a sweet rhythmic melody. The feeling, like a fresh wind. Blowing the mind, with every gentle whisper. A heart racing, a soul drowning; breathlessly in the mist, love like a waterfall. In the quiet, a silent river is pouring out, the depth a tranquil stream. The beauty, a fountain of love. That flows endlessly, through every vein. The breadth, deeply felt. The gentleness, profoundly moving. In the awe, living in the solace. Deep within the stillness, love found… crashing against every heartbeat. The breadth is held deeply, every breath taken slowly. The soul, waiting to exhale. In the daytime, dreams are found. In the nighttime, the love magically glistens. Beneath the moonlight, love lighting up beautifully. Fireworks, cascading like shooting stars. Showering the soul, with a dazzling display. The heart, hanging on every copious breadth. The love hovering, the soul lingering; for every baited breath. Every cascaded moment, will surely bring rise. To know a love greater than, a fleeting emotion. For how every breadth thereafter, and every drip in between, becomes another heartfelt plunge. A heart in so deep, the soul rapidly descends… breathless into the bliss. The Cascading Love!


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