Wealth Transfer!

What, are you banking on? May it truly be, a profitable portfolio. Not, with just what the heart wants, but what the soul needs. So, what is your heart looking to invest in? What kind of wealth, is your soul willing to store up? For that’s, where your true inheritance is found. An enlightened mind, contains a wealth of information. But, it still needed to be undergirded with wisdom. For the truth therein, to truly be evident. Lack of knowledge, can only be the first excuse. So therefore, Ask, Seek, Knock… down every barrier. Be a heart empowered, not a soul indebted… to fear. On the river bank, a heart needs to step out into the water. So a crimson tide, can take your soul to a desired destiny. Liquidate your fear, and the future becomes a greater gain. A true wealth transfer, more than monetary gain. What a heart retains, and what a soul attains. The evidence, through your faith; when sight unseen. A valuable possession, knowing that in everything; apply sound judgment. So that your inheritance, is wealth with abundance. We, can read a book; but if the words don’t resonate? The reading, becomes just meaningless words, with no wealth… transferred. An enriched heart, becomes a prosperous soul. You don’t have to be rich, to know true wealth. Material prosperity, has a value; but it can never add to what, gives a heart the greatest treasure. A love that’s truly priceless, and desirable. A commodity, with true meaning. Missing nothing, or lacking anything. Giving the heart, an inherited strength. Leaving the soul, with an inherent beauty. An inheritance, the depth becoming an ocean. A heart, taking a deeper dive. To partake, in a plentiful transfer. A soul being supplied, with the greatest known resource, love that’s undeniable. When love, becomes the principal reason; the true interest of the heart. The Wealth, becomes compounded. For the soul, will eagerly want to contribute, be part of the sound investment. The Transfer: The love, moving from one heart, deposited into another. A shift, with a give, and take. A good man, leaves an inheritance… to go with the legacy, of love!

“The Lord bless you, and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you His peace.” And may you let His love, rest upon your heart! Numbers 6:24-26 ESV


6 thoughts on “Wealth Transfer!

  1. This is a great analogy. I especially like , “A good man, leaves an inheritance… to go with the legacy, of love!” We can leave our children or the world with no greater legacy than love – especially the love of God.

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