May every heart, testify. Tell the whole world, your soul knows the breadth of love. Tell everybody, you see love; it’s in every horizon. For it shimmers, glows radiantly; and glistens, in the afterglow. Yell, how you just can’t help yourself. Love, helps you conquer fear, climb the highest mountain. Tell, how you’re relentlessly going to brag and boast. You feel, how love profoundly moves. It’s the air, you breathe in breathlessly. Tell about the moment, you awoke from a deep dream. To find love, was laying gently on your soul; and how, your heart couldn’t stop dreaming… for the next encounter. Let your heart Affirm, you know the beauty, and how stunningly it seems to find, you breathless. Yes, I’m sure you remember; the moment you thought, you lost love? Only to find, it’s always waiting in the shadows. To cast not a single doubt, love is forever. Affirm, that you know the very moment. When love called your heart closer, how breathlessly it leans in; to be a love so deeply felt. Tell the critics, about the moment. When love became magical, it made your breath disappear. Tell the story, how love began. How it birthed, in you a deep desire. Tell how, love is sweet, so delightful; Affirm, it’s heavenly. Declare Boldly the Good News, you’ve found love, and; “AFTER LOVING YOU, YOUR HEART COULD NEVER LOVE ANOTHER… THE SAME WAY!” Give true love; your Affirmation!


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