A testament, to how deep the love. The crimson story, etched in red letters. Cast deep, into a crimson sea. Where depth, becomes the ocean, for a heart to fathom. Words, deeply spoken. Love, the deepest token. Rose petals, shaped in color. Dipped, in a vibrant crimson hue. Sprinkled, with the breadth of love. A tree with love, the roots go deep. Underground, where life begins. Red flowers bloom, breathtaking looms. A soul consumed, by the afterglow. Love, laid gracefully beneath the water. Flowing, moving, pulling… the heart deeper. To be a soul, lost in the mist; adrift within the peace. A heart swept away, by the crimson tide. Breathless, love takes… every breath. A soul, held by the breadth. Released, into the tidal waves. The depth, another emotional see. The horizon breaks, the moonlight falls. Crimson love, displayed in the brightest glow, painting the sky. A heart, held by the crimson night. The soul, watching the love glistens; in a radiant crimson light. Deep emotions, bringing to light; how crimson illuminates, every breath it takes. A heart crimsoned, shows love in all its richness. The allure deepens, with every brush… against the breadth. The deep river, the crimson presence; water… upon the wind. Falling afresh, into the depth… heart, and soul!


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