The Rebellion!

My heart, a rebel; bonafide! The cause, resistance at all cost. Not to become, another tainted soul. Confessing, you know how to truly love. But yet, picking and choosing; when, and who. Love, just a feeling; without bonafide action. Every day, you have to rise up… in opposition. Let your heart, mount a rebellion. To not let, your heart be conformed. Arm your heart, with the sword; dipped in truth. These days, your strategy has to be, clearly defined. A heart, knowing the true rules of engagement. To survive, you have to wield the big guns. A hope fortified, with a convincing faith. When the warfare, is spiritual; not physical. To win, plant your truth, stand your ground, and proclaim your worth. Be, a rebel to the core. Having a love, that won’t ever keep score. Know how, to give and take. A heart, was born to resistance, and go the distance. Let the foe know, your heart has the real deal. The confidence, the boldness, the power, and the authority. To speak, and pull down… every stronghold!

Do, opposition research, by reading into the best strategies. What, your heart and soul will need; to have a successful strategic outcome. Praise, is a weapon. The struggle is real, let it be with the flesh; not with the heart. With every battle, don’t go in your own strength, or with guns blazing. Be a heart exposed, with the love transparent. To be, or not to be; never let it be, a heart questioned. Lean how, to be unapologetic; why a heart so rebellious. That will fight, to display how much strength, there is in real love. It’s never futile, refusing to be assimilated; into a robotic collective. True freedom comes, only when a heart is free. My heart, was born to be a maverick. Predestined, to challenge the norm. A camouflaged heart, is a love not seen… as true. A heart of a warrior, cannot affect true change. Without first willing, to take every thought captive. To let, love be what influences, hearts and minds. This, not just about how to be rebellious. But how, to take back territory. It’s about a takeover, let a love relentlessly pursuit your heart, and soul. Let Surrender, not be the Option, but the Choice!

The Mandate; fight the good fight, tread upon serpents. Resist, and the enemy shall flee… seven ways. Take possession; whatever was stolen, or forfeited by default. Seize the moment, and never; justify your rebellion, to a tainted love!


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