Tell It, to My Heart!

Whisper, it to my soul. Tell me, why waves become? It’s a heart swept away, into the breadth, into the crimson tide. The silent river, deep in a heart stirred. The soul, colliding breathlessly, under the quiet. Love, breath the essence into my soul, and it will; tell it to my heart. The embrace, the endless slow dance, with no end. The love song, playing; I’m forever yours. Tell my heart, love’s in the breath taking. Not, just in an emotional reaction; but in, every passionate response. Tell it to my heart, how to profoundly know, where to always find you? So, in the darkness moments. I can, be found still lost, for words. Knowing, how your love has always been close, to my heart. The evidence, it’s breathless. My confidence, stirred; never shaken. My breath, held deeply… in depth of your love. Every time, your love calls. My heart, will answer the call. To hear, how your love will always be, pressed up against my soul. Even when, thoughts try to sway. Tell my heart, Your love will be the way… to find true solace. To tell me, that I’m held, loved; will forever be… in love. And if, my heart ever needs a reminder; how deep the love? Let my soul, find the love, in the deepest place, of the ocean. The depth, to fathom. Your love, whisper it to my soul, and it will surely tell it, to My Heart!


9 thoughts on “Tell It, to My Heart!

  1. Truly a lovely written piece. It is hard to explain or to put it in words this Love. But you my friend do a fine job. love the line: The evidence, it’s breathless. He first demonstrated his love while we were yet sinners. Yes Indeed.

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