Never, do I ever want to see the day. Where love, is a sight, but unseen. Seen in the eyes, but can’t see how it truly shines… brighter, when not a reflection. Love is a moment, the moment. Time stopped, time spent. Timeless, in the stillness. My heart, astonished to now see. How much love persuades the rain, to cascade from my eyes. Clouds come in mass, shadows try to cast. But, there couldn’t be a single doubt. Love, is forever. In the natural, in the spirit. Even in the mist, there would never be this. Love, and my soul, not dancing in the bliss. Once, a man that thinks, not a man that drinks. A man, with bottled up tears. Now, Never needs to be asked. To pour out the heart, through a crimson hue. Love, designed to be a perfect fit, for every heart. Never, allow anyone to break your stride. Let love forever be, the crimson tide, the soul cannot hide. Never let, anything get in the way, true love being complete. Don’t, let a king sized ego. Be a bed, too small to lay your head. Hearts, falling out of wed, and of love. Catastrophic, the agony and defeat. Love, losing the pursuit. Arrest it at the door, farewell evermore. Love, I would Never want to live a day; without you in my heart. Even a second, would be the reckon. Never, will I ever let my heart drift from the sure, to drown in the deep. Without, my life preserver. My soul, knowing love, is an ocean, the depth to fathom. Sometimes, I Never see it coming. The rain falls again, love brings the tears again. The flowers bloom again, the clouds loom again. The sun shines again, the days pass again. Love, calls again. My soul, stands tall again, my heartbeat stalls again. My breath, taken again. Love, the taking, the giving; the breadth in my lungs. My heart, the same again; Never!


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