The Planned Escape!

The silent river, the introverted depth capsized, by a deep ocean. Every escaping breath, what needed to be held. The heart pouring, the crimson tide receiving. Every breathless encounter, never ceased to amaze, every gaze captured. The heart arrested, in the surrender. Why fight the power to slip away, swept by the still water. The cascading love, drowns breathlessly. When chains are broken, but the heart forever tethered. Every planned escape, becomes another retreat… deeper. The heart flying the cooped, with wings and a prayer. Every pursuit, the great escape… into depth of love. When you’ve reached, the love transcends. Your words run away, love had your heart… at speechless. You never again, have to duck and cover, a heart so exposed. The heart of a child, playing duck, duck, goose. The soul coming loose, chasing butterflies. The joy of love, no longer contained; the heart spilling the beans. The breadth of love, escaped into the atmosphere. Love escapes the mind, when the choice didn’t reveal intentional. Love reacting, the heart never acting. Love confined, a soul; not knowing the freedom. Love should never be shaken, just stirred. The glass never half empty, always half full. Every drip of love, feeling like water soothing. Seeping through the heart, outpoured running over endlessly. You can never, run from the day. But your soul can escape, into an oasis. My heart, has no need for a random getaway. For me and my soul, it’s a planned escape, the needed retreat. Not into myself, but into the heavenly. Every day, resting the cares of the heart. Without allowing, your love to be on vacation. To stay or to vacate, keep or be spent. Holding the breadth, but losing your breath. My escape, retreat into the divine; stay in the love. To not let the surrender, be the afterthought. Escaping is a choice, to live free. Even for the diehard, heart with a lot on the go. Love in action, will never be a heart bruised. When love forever, becomes the planned escape. The devotion, my heart… undistracted!


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