In the Depth!

A heart, living in a place. Where love transcends, the breadth defends. A soul, resting in the deep. Not to save, the fleeting breath. But to know, every breath held. The heart, tethered to the lifeline. Pulling you in the deep, to know breathless living. The soul, immersed in the depth. A search of the heart, with a meaningful dive. Into the ocean, gives love a deeper meaning. The heart can’t fathom, what the soul was meant to experience. The endless, the continual, the essence. Sink or swim, will never be the question. When submerged, becomes the only answer. A heart, swept by the crimson tide. The soul, fathoming what will the heart find, in a love so beautiful. May the proverbial, not be a love over the head problem. But the soul, immersed even deeper, due to the heart condition. In the tossing, in the turning of heart and soul. Air you breathe, but in love, you live. The evidence, what gives my confidence. The breadth of love speaks, when listening is not in the shallows. Don’t let the heart, slip into a slumber, without knowing this. Deep into the bliss, where you find love is forever… lived in the depth. The heart, crashing against the tide. Held by the gentle waves, in every eMotion. Every whisper, holding you with the sweeping melody. Standing on the shore, will never let the heart know for sure, how deep the love. Every day, love has to take the heart back to the place, where the soul is found… drowning. My fear, drowned within the deepest love. Over my head, in the depth. In the presence, of a love so deep, losing your breath. All the heart needs to do, hold the breadth, and wait… to exhale!


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