Your Love Moves!

Your love moves, trying to catch the breadth, your love moved. Like trying the chase the wind, the love so moving. Losing your breath, happens when tethered heartstrings, gets tangled up with another. The heart takes flight, the wings feels right, the breadth held tight. My every breath, take you just might. Your love moves, caught up in the rapture. Forever found in the moments, the elevation takes the heart to places. The soul is set free, to see the new horizon. The wings of love soaring, beyond hopes and dreams. Your love moved, to come so near and dear. I closed my mind, opened my heart, and your love moved me, closer to your heart. The love, echoes through every breath. Takes my soul to the depth, to become the sea I need. A silent river, moves with the crimson flow. Moved, not in the singular, in both heart and soul. Your love moved, made the advancement. My heart changed position, make the love intentional, deeply personal. Every heartbeat, played a symphony. Over and over, my heart humming and singing the same love song; endless… love. Your love moved, your love moves, your love’s moving. Through a deep river, every breath taken, to the deepest ocean. The heart, provoked to feelings. Pulling the tide, persuading the move, to tears. Love, inspires thought, captures the heart. Moves within waves, in so many ways. Stirring up the tide, to crash against a heart of stone. My soul gives chase, trying to catch the breadth. The closer my heart gets, profound becomes the feeling. Your love moved, so my soul… begins the chase!


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