The Way Out!

The way out, what you have to go through. Every beginning, finds an end. Every story, tells the tale. Every journey, reveals the process. Every season, brings about change. At every stage, something is learned. With every experience, wisdom is gained. The road to truth, leads to enlightenment. Brokenness is a place, where courage won’t leave you abandoned. Through the valley, there’s a way out. Your most vulnerable moment, doesn’t mean a crushing defeat. Your resolve, thrives because of the fiber, strengthened by your confidence. A difficult situation is conquered, as a result of your heart. Loss, takes the breath. Grief, knows a deep river. In the depth, love pulls you through, helps you rise again. Finding peace, gives you a way to breathe. Though the way out, still taking you through. Find a love, you can press in, as you press on. The way out, through the tears. After the rain, watch the cloud roll back, to see there’s always hope. When the sun emerges, get ready to shine. Discover you’re not alone, someone has made it through. Scars, don’t define you. Flawlessly, how hopefulness shines. Showing the way, every time. Thanks to grace, and the power you’ve found. A forward momentum, unstoppable. Where, you happen to find your heart? The way out, what you have to go through. To find The way, the truth, life!


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