Shining Star!

Love, my heart is ready. For you to do it again, shine. Cheek to cheek, heart and soul; dancing in the crimson light. Just a glimpse, all my soul needed to know. Even the afterglow, leaves the heart, speechless. Tell my heart a tale, give my soul words. To make known, how you live and breathe. Meet me again in this place, here, now. Hold me now, let my heart breathlessly, bask in the crimson. In the dark, your shine is glaring. My darkest moments, eclipsed by each breath-taken. I don’t need the moonlight, or eyes to see how much, you outshine… shadows. Into words, how can my heart; put this into words? Define, how truly divine… you shine. The love, in another universe. It keeps moving, my heart. You, will surely make my love shine, for a thousand years. Head in the clouds, no; my soul in awe. Every breath, taken… to infinity. The heart, held in a deep embrace. Losing my breath, just another day; living in my shining star. Don’t change, it’s my heart. That needs to shine like you, shine radiantly. What’s come over me, what’s become of my heart… it’s You, making my light shine. And this, my heart can’t even deny. Let my soul twinkle, what my shining star does. Why, should a heart wish upon a star; when it, already has what it needs? My heart is unchained, swept deep inside. And nobody, knows it but you!

Move me again, shake me to the core. My song in night, the kiss upon my soul. Take my heart, to the deepest place. Reveal to my heart, enlighten my soul; how you endlessly sparkle and shine. When the days are daunting, hopes and dreams start to fade. There’s a silver lining, in my shining star. Laugh out loud, my soul burst out with joy. There’s no missing, how much you shine, you’re the brightest star. You shine so bright, shine beautifully. The love, won’t ever go away. My heart, captured by the presence. Get enough, how does a soul say no; to every gentle touch? An open heart, gave access to my soul. Every day, I will be here, waiting breathlessly. So my heart, can see you shine. A fleeting glow, could never replace a radiant light. The endearing splendor, encompass the sun and moon. Lost in love, heart and soul, in a shining star. When I need you, I open my heart, hold the breadth. To know, a vision of love, just a heartbeat away. Shining Star, you’re all I need, to get by. Oh, my heart is profoundly ready. Just one more time, do it again, let me see you shine!


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