How, a Heart Gets Filled!

Maybe, you’re filled from the trickles? Maybe, you’re filled up by the ounces? Maybe, you all about the getting, and the having; but never pouring… out for another? Maybe, you settle with the wanting. Even though, your heart has an absolute need, for more? Maybe, because you always get it free? You empty out another, because it doesn’t cost, you anything? But for the other, the cost may have been everything, and then some. Maybe, you like it all bottled up. Because being vulnerable, hurts to let it breathe. Maybe, your heart has become just a spectator; just watching, how it beautifully cascades? Love’s like water, meant to be a deep ocean. Not flow aimlessly, like a lazy river. Pour it out, and breathlessly overflow… into your deepest cup. A measuring cup of love, will never drown a soul. May the water of love, refresh through every drop, of the waterfall. For that’s how, a heart gets filled, up with endless love!


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