Sounds Like!

I don’t need, to clear my throat. For what, my heart wants to convey. There’s, a well known saying, within a deeply felt expression. You don’t, have to figure it out. Wonder if each action, just a reaction, or a figure of speech? What I have to say, resonate each and every day. Though, the heart becomes a mess. You don’t, have to stress. I won’t, make you have to guess. What, my heart clearly needs to articulate. So that, there won’t be any miss understanding. My soul, has something meaningful to say. This, one word, with one Syllables. Lean in, come closer; my heart, has a tell. When the pen bleeds, the ink reveals the evidence. The word, doesn’t slip the mind, or stops at the tip of the tongue. You’re spelling, but everyone guessing. To be, or not to be? Let your actions, Be… intentional. Don’t let what’s real, be just a guessing game. The answer, will enlighten, the move profound you. If it, doesn’t need to be spelt out. You don’t, need a clue. Just, your heart in the right place, knowing the right word. If you don’t know it, it rhymes with, Dove. The answer, and the question, one in the same. And it, Sounds Like!

Every day, begins with, L. An affectionate greeting, conveyed on your heart’s behalf. The tenderness, the warmth, the passion, kindness, and true devotion. And if you do, the day; will surely feel like heaven. The rhyme, and the reason. Pumping, bumping to the rhythm, of every heartbeat. Every heartstring, tugged like a stringed instrument. The melody, easy on the soul. With every gentle touch, the heart, swayed by the breadth. To make you speechless, take your breath away. The power, to hold your gaze, amazingly. My heart, given you what I know, it Sounds Like! The definition, search your heart. To find that LOVE, is the prevailing word. The universal answer, in every question. Even if, other words are said!


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