Though darkness hovers, and the dark cast shadows. My heart won’t cower, there’s a strong tower, there’s a lighthouse. Fear, can’t make the light flicker, eclipse how deeply it shines… in me. The radiant love, holds my heart, steadies my soul. Captures my gaze, with just a glimpse. No famous name, will ever make my heart, flutter in their presence. Your love, what chased the butterflies, gave my soul wings. I don’t, desire fame, just need You. To see into me, know my heart. My soul, moved by one reign, bows before one throne. Your love, crowns my heart, surrounds my soul. I tremble, with just the thought. The kiss upon my heart, the touch deep within my soul. The breadth, stops the heart, revives my soul. Your love, the overwhelming surge. In every heartbeat, with every breath taken. The warmth, shivers to the deepest place. You’re the reason, my heart knows time and space. What, could ever compare to Your love? Exceed the vastness of Your heart, replace such a divine love? Eternity, surely won’t be long enough. So my heart, can find the words. In Your embrace, my soul… trembles!

Your love speaks, my words runaway. At a loss, the place you can find, my heart speechless. My water, turned to wine. My heart, knows the ocean. But my soul, every ripple has an effect. A heart, drowning breathlessly, in every breadth. My faith, in You won’t waver. Flattery, won’t take my breath. Living in You, profoundly my soul comes alive. The love, shakes my core. Calmed, my raging sea. Tamed, the wildness. Your love, stronger than the strongest walls, my heart tries to build. It’s the arrow, deep within my quiver. In the wake, in Your presence, penned up emotions released. To You alone, I dedicate heart and soul. For Your love alone, stirred my silent river. Made the depth, so much deeper. You alone, Your heart alone, gets the praise. To the world, barely breathing. Just my heart, trying to hear You whisper. So my soul, can Tremble!


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