Love, A Thousand Ways!

The picture, in a thousand words. The story, with ten thousand reasons. Why even in thoughts, my heart journeys a thousand miles. Just to have your love, take every breath. Breathlessly, to a thousand places. Every day, like a thousand years. I can talk, about the love in depth. But the half, still not yet told. When water cascades, your love is the ocean. That fills the breadth, a thousand ways. A silent river, needs a crimson tide encounter, to become a deep river. Every starry gaze, another glimpse of heaven. A thousand deep breaths, clustered in the light. Love, I won’t never talk about you, like you’re not already listening. You’ve heard my soul breathe, surely a thousand times a minute. Steady my heart, so whenever I write. Every penned verse, love telling the story. How like a sparrow, your love makes the soul soar. Like a graceful dove, love my wings, reflecting the purest light. You’ve read my soul, intimately searched my heart, captured my imagination. It’s all so reflective, the depth found in You. Your love, told a thousand ways!


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