The Fall!

Was it, the brisk autumn breeze, that caused the fall? Was it the stumble, into love, that made it such a fall? Whether or not, the day has a coldness, or a blind indifference. There will always be, so much beauty, in a graceful fall. The brightness, because there’s a sun rise. Gracefulness, shines the brightest. In your heart, there’s a beautiful light. Winter, spring, summer or fall. There’s an unforeseen beauty, through every season of life. The possibilities, are endless. When every breath, held so tremendous. The fall, in love, a sight to behold. The leaves falling, the love deepening. The breadth calling, your heart deeper. Nothing as endearing, than the heart, moved by a beautiful fall. The warmth of love, tugging on the heartstrings. The heart taken, to such lovely place. On the wings of love, by a gentle breeze. The forever embrace, the end of every season, meaning a change is coming. To overwhelm the heart, breathless at the same time. So, if hope starts to fade, the darkness is upon. Love will be the fire, fanned by the flames of hope. Rain, drops on roses, and violets are blue. The sun, comes out tomorrow, after the dew. Love, faces harsh wintery nights, and many foggy days. When the tears fall, you don’t have to let it, damper your joy. The misty eyes, let it be love, filled with a thankful heart. However, the season begins, and unfolds. The winter, one season out of many. Head over heals, spring, bringing another beautiful hue. Love manifesting itself, the bloom over and over. The fall, be in love… again, and again!


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