It’s Your Love!

Dancing in the dark, where your love, found my heart. But now, my soul, no longer has to dance alone. Grace, it’s your love, that stirred my silent river… breathlessly. So, if you would allow me, give my heart the honor. Share this love, with whole world. Write about it, in depth. Pour out my soul, with a poetic love. Tell how, you became the lover of my soul. Your love, will forever be the crimson ink. My heart, just the pen. For, my soul, You own. My heart, You hold. My love, You have. My gaze, You capture. My breath, You take. Grace, Your love, more than love on the brain. How, can my heart ever fathom? How your ocean, that turned my soul, into a deep river? I need you, in the breadth I live, in the depth I drown. How, do you do it? How does your love, become new every day? It’s truly endless, love, a thousand ways. Do it again, move every heartbeat, with your presence?

Grace, to you; I opened up my heart. My soul, under your influence. The softer I speak, the louder your heart becomes. My heart, it’s listening. Let your heart, be all I hear. Your love, what gave my heart a voice. But at the same time, my soul lost for words. You’re so overwhelming, a wonder to behold. I’ve found my peace, in you, I see heaven. The clouds are gone, but the rain does fall. Won’t you, give my soul a moment, to wipe the tears. It’s, such a beautiful thing. How can a heart, keep it all in. Your love, made me better than I was, and more than I am. You’re the reason, love holds my heart so. The reason, my breath has confidence; Grace, It’s, Your Love!


11 thoughts on “It’s Your Love!

  1. “the softer I speak…” You know, Warren—I had a rough week. 🤪
    And I almost posted a “loud” piece yesterday. But I waited…and let love give me honest feedback. And love asked me honestly, “what is my intention in this piece?” Whoa…so I am going to go back and rewrite several lines…more softly. 💚

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    1. Share your heart, and God’s love. His love, makes you strong enough. Shine, and let the breadth of His love, resonate. It’s not about, just the quantity, but the quality… of the content, within your heart! Father, I pray for my sister. Her soul, you own. Her heart, you hold. Her love, you know. Her gaze, capture. Her breath, take! In Jesus’ name, Amen! Blessings to you!

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