Run to You!

When, I look at you. The picture, has a profound meaning. But my heart, can’t seem to understand. Why, did you have to go? Why, time made the sands, slip away. My breath was loss, my heart stood still. Some day, my soul will surely find answers, when mysteries are revealed. If, your love reached out, whispered to my heart. I would have moved heaven, to earth, interceded. My heart would have stopped, let you breathe, my last breath. Run to you, with undistracted motion. Keep you safe, from what harms. Protect your heart, from what hurts. Fight on your behalf, what comes to overwhelm. In my heart, where you can be found. Scared, sometimes, but held in my love, forever. My baby girl, I would have ran, to the end of time. To find you, and know my heart is safe. But, you’re gone, and living is without you. In the racing, in the searching; in my heart, the piecing. Your love, something profoundly special. Though, your love lives. The heart of a child, will be deeply missed!

Everyday, my heart has a role to play, Always in control. But, who is… Always? Truth be, the tears, fills the chasm. I want, to see you smile. Not just, pictured in a thousand words, or memories. Run to you, hold you in my arms. I know, you must be tired. For weeks, you’ve been resting on my heart. My soul holds you, within every breath. My heart breathless, chasing the love. Trying to catch the wings, of my little butterfly. If my heart, ever tried to call. In the stillness, would be the air, I’m breathing for you. You’re no longer here, to tell me if there was a dream? I can still dream, live for you? My heart, still wants you here. At the end of myself, my heart knows. I will find you, running with the angels. I don’t wipe the tears, I let love kiss away the sadness. Heaven, gave your breadth, to hold for a minute. Your love, softened hearts, touched many souls. When, my breath needs to be taken, my heart needs to be held. I won’t chase the wind, I run, to my father’s love!

In loving memory, of our little butterfly. Justinea Angelina Richards, March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021. You’re loved, and in our hearts!


15 thoughts on “Run to You!

  1. The pains that attend with the passing of a loved one are often beyond description. But you penned these words so creatively beautiful. 👌🏾💯

    I’m sorry for your loss. 🙏🏾

    The memories you hold of her are invaluable and can never be taken away.
    May God console you and your family. Only He can give you the strength to go on each day as you ponder over those precious times spent with your baby girl. 🙌🏾🙏🏾💙❤🌹

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