Soul Food!

One part water, three parts; mind, heart, and soul. Add to it, lots of trust, with affirmation. Real love, it’s tasteful, with a forever warmth. A gentle touch, of appreciation, filled with gratitude. Love, saturated with admiration, and affection, adds the needed spice. Adding, a little bit of this, and a bit of that; guessing what works. Real soul food, the love needs to be intentional. Love, needs your constant attention. So, bitterness doesn’t boil over. Indifference doesn’t make the seasons, be unappetizing. Love is best served, and enjoyed; when tension simmers. Day after day, set the table, and the ambiance. And love, will take its course. Each other’s company, love, poured like new wine. A heart full, but room for seconds. True love, served over and over. Endlessly, until the cup overflows. Love, crucial for the heart, to not just survive, but for the soul to thrive. Love isn’t perfect, but worth it, the time spent. Sharing your heart, filling your soul; precious moments. Truth is, be told. By the love, beneath every breath. Though, the pantry may be stocked, with useful ingredients. Make sure, it can fill heart and soul. Love, always needs to be real, to avoid bland, becoming the struggle. True love, the way to a heart. But, the soul may still feel famished. If the love, lacks real affection. Forever contented, love served up on a platter. For the love to be soulful, the ingredient’s heartfelt, so then soul filled. The true taste of love, every morning. It’s butter for your bread, and sugar for your tea. Love, the absolute best food, for your soul!


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