In the calm, the heart is changed, and every day, changing still. With each quality of movement, the evenness of thought. The balancing, will never be an act on its own. With every breath, therein lies a coming together, mind, body, and soul. Though, the heart stumbles over and over. Recovery, through a forward trajectory. Flawed, becomes just a state, that will never define, a vigorous soul. Every day, the heart gathers up composure. The pursuit of hope, requires a glorious zeal. Though, anxiety lurk to upend. Progress, with emboldened confidence. Strength gained, empowering your equilibrium. To be the wind at your back, beneath your wings, the breadth in your lungs. In your collectedness, hope and faith becomes the opposing force. Counterbalance for the heaviness, of doubt and fear. Though, you don’t feel the immediate sensation. Deep in heart and soul, change is taking place. Love’s song, sweeping like a soothing melody. Supply and demand, hope found, gives every breath rise. To not just influence, but to profoundly conquer. In the stillness, when your cup is empty. The calming presence of love, creates a beautiful Equilibrium. True harmony, love’s tranquility, through its deep serenity!


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