Love It, or List It?

All that love, can afford your heart. What you choose to cherish, what becomes the most endearing. Love, is a choice, and in the end the heart has to choose. Love it, the good, the bad; or list it, all that’s broken, needs to be repaired. What you’re willing to charge, or willing to fix, in your own heart. One room, does not make a house, a home. Love is about being receptive, to the open concept. In order, for the picture to be the clearest view. Two hearts, have to discard the tainted lens. In love, you have to break down walls. Then be truly intentional, with the rebuilding. Actions speak, and love builds up. A vaulted perspective, gives rise to new possibilities. When it’s said and done, embrace the love, with an elevated commitment. Divided hearts, can build a house. But love, needs a warm place, to call home. Whereby to live, and thrive. Where the kiss of love, can truly flourish. A place, where the warmth takes your breath, the love holds you tight. A chair, still just a chair, by any other name. Room in your heart, just a room. Without giving the room, so the love can truly feel at home. Now and then, there will be disagreements. Don’t let the once love filled picture, be a portrait of a love, barley noticeable. When one heart feels broken, the other should mend the fence. Fix you, don’t be fixated on greener pastures. Just, love it again. The heart you told, you would give unconditional love!

Turn your house, into a loving home, to cherish the endearing moments. Don’t treat love, like a Fixer upper. Love’s depth, not in having Good bones, but having a committed heart. A promising Flip, can become a costly Flop, with a total gut job. Real change, true beauty, from the inside out. Lighthearted, expressions of love, such a wonderful material. To help create a substantive, atmosphere of faithful love. A heart, can try to paint a picture. But, for the love to be portrayed, as an authentic display. There has to be, a true point of reference. Let me, frame it with this. Love is demonstrated, so its true nature, won’t be a peripheral lens. But portrayed as a true representation, of a deeply moving love. Even though, you have a lovely home. Love’s true reality, the key a heart truly open, to real change. Every day, don’t just say it, show it. If you’re happy, and you know it? When you wake up, Love it, being IN love. Go ahead, List it, what needs to be fixed, what needs to change. So, at the end of the day; love will have a forever home. The question becomes this; are you going to Love it, or List it?


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