In the Mix!

DJ, move our soul, with the power of Your love. Turn the table, spin the love… back. Let all eyes, be only on you. My greatest joy, dancing to the rhythm of your heart. The blood is flowing, my heart pumping, the heartbeat jumping. Play, a song in the night, to keep the soul grooving, all night long. I’m in the Mix, rewind; we’re in the Mix. Your love, the key for a heart, to feel the truest passion. My soul, deeply loving it. Every day, love has a legit new remix. Scratch that, yeah; my heart, won’t ever be moved, by mix up, mix up. Just be in the Mix, with hearts dedicated, to share true love. Every day, may every heart, step to the mic, and free-style a heartfelt rhyme. Aha, aha; heart check, one, two. We’re all in the Mix, so throw your hands up, raise the pRoof. Let love be the anthem, showcasing trueness of love’s excellence. We only, have one life to live, we need to dance it well. Love, not about being mesmerized, by the flow. But a soul being free, to live as a heart feeling whole. This, please don’t let your heart miss. To know, love’s true bliss, another love don’t diss. Don’t let your heart, be distracted by what fights, for your passion, and tries to capture your attention. DJ, turn the table, scratch the spin. Don’t let the rise and falls, desensitize the heart. To the true essence, in love’s perfect timing. Living in the light, how a soul, focuses on eternity. The rhythm, and rhyme, there’s a reason, for the season. It’s about, get every heart out of the funk, and into a soul-full groove. Mixed up platitudes, will never show a heart, full of gratitude. DJ, your heart, has such a beautiful sound. A heart, dancing breathlessly. Reveal the love, in the innermost. When, love moves you deeply. The melody becomes, more than strong emotions, but the deeper connection!


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