The Profile!

The heart, the instrument allowing love, to be the true measurement. The profile, not about understanding, the intent of others. But deeply knowing, the love in your own heart. The walk, the talk; hand in hand. A graceful walk, will never need words, to demonstrate the truest silhouette. The color of love, contours the shape of the heart. Love and respect, always a two way street, without a one sided view. Heart to heart, love with intersecting lines. An adVantage point, can form the wrong conclusion. A figure of speech, seen through a tainted lens, blurred by a wayward heart. Love in stages, won’t compromise the scenery, when a heart stays vertical. The fleeting description, never gives an accurate account. For what the story is, and what the heart will surely tell. The portrayal, not a true depiction of love. If up close and personal, doesn’t characterize the intrinsic nature. The extent, the length and breadth. To which a heart, try to raise its own profile. Love, built on a meaningless pursuit. The true representation of love, gives rise to the greater good; a heart profiled, being truly genuine. Psychological manipulation, the behavior of a heart unbecoming. The soul analyzes, the heart identifies, love giving a truthful profile. No need for predictions, if the outcome becomes the same. Love for all to see, will forever be in plain sight. Recorded, by the sands of time. As a heart, with a love centered profile!


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