Love, in Stages!

Love in action, steps into the spotlight. Not with an already seen performance, but with a genuine display, of love and affection. Love in stages, the heart playing a significant role. One act, only sets the scene. The Who, what, when, where, but the why; without question. If to be, or not to be… faithful. Who, should see the love, everyone. What, was the motive, love unconditional. When, should love be displayed, always. Where, did the love originate, the heart. Why, should there always be an encore? To demonstrate, love could never truly act. Until the heart is moved, by strength of character. To show how love in action, can leave you breathless. Love has a background, so the backdrop, can shine a radiant light, that leaves an afterglow. Doesn’t matter the stage, where your love is at. It’s still, a heart becoming… shaped by the soul. Love, not aligned with the stars, but the breadth therein, holding love’s starry gaze. In love, I have, we have, every heart has a part to play. Here, in our humanity, every heart has a starring role. Don’t ever hesitate, to let your heart get into character. No script, should ever be needed. For the love, to be heartfelt!

Love in stages, has a point to it. The development, a heart going through the necessary phase. Moments in time, a period, becoming part of love’s journey. The heart, reaching a particular juncture. Where every stage, requires another self examination. A search of the heart, will stretch the love, until it covers. The choice, to be, or not to be. A heart has a platform, but love gives it a voice. Love, doesn’t need the right forum. For the heart to be at a stage, showcasing a just decorum. Thy lips, cannot speak, unless thy heart, gives it words. With love, if your heart isn’t in it? Then how, can the love truly show, what’s inside? Love in its truest action, avoids the drama. For the love to not be seen, as a staged production. In the right setting, love doesn’t need the perfect context, for the feeling to be the right texture. Even if love, unperformed in action? Never let it be, an act seen too many times. Love in stages, a heart forever in the spotlight. Reciting affirmation, reciprocating the love. So the breadth, has its own love story, to tell!


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